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Abrasive Imaging was founded in 2017 by Matthias Stange, later that same year Matthias was appointed to serve as a master distributor for Rayzist Photomask representing our photoresist films and sandblasting equipment across Europe.
Mr. Stange 15 year history in the photoresist films and screen print industry has earned him a great rapport with companies across Europe as well as setting up successful distribution channels for products as services. Rayzist is confident in Mr. Stange technical knowledge of the glass and stone marketplace, his commitment to excellence and corporate principles and values that we hold in the highest regard. Rayzist was thrilled to partner with Abrasive  Imaging and Matthias Stange and his abilities to service both the glass and stone engraving industries.
Abrasive Imaging carries Rayzist Photomask full range of photoresist films, SR2000™, SRMonument™, Sr3000™, and Lasermask™ films, our complete range of sandcarving systems and automatic washout systems beyond our extensive range Abrasive Imaging also produces a line of tools and accessories for the engraving industry. Abrasive Imaging also provides finished mask services and training programs.

In September 2022 Abrasive Imaging GmbH was founded.

RAYZIST Photomask 
Rayzist Photomask started in a 2-car garage with a determination to revolutionize the glass etching industry with a custom photoresist stencil. Quality sandcarving equipment specifically designed for the glass etching industry quickly followed. Rayzist is an owned and operated family based business. Randy and Edelia Willis (owners) hold a high standard of customer service that is present in all our employees and throughout their company. Today, we still proudly manufacture our sandblast films, sandblast systems and automatic washout systems in California, USA for over 34 years.
The founder of Rayzist Photomask invented a sandcarving film; it was a direct image transfer, which provided an easy reproduction of detailed patterns for decorative etching facilities worldwide. This sandcarving film known as photoresist film, became popular with small and large engraving businesses to etch on various materials. 
Photoresist film has transformed the process of the glass etching industry and influenced thousands of sandblasting facilities worldwide.