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SRX23 - A Clear Choice for Production

The self-stick SRX23™ photoresist film allows you to ransfer your artwork into high detailed stencils for sandblasting on virtually any surface. You can use our photoresist stencils for all brittle materials such as glass, stone, metal, wood and much more.
SRX23™ photoresist film satisfies all needs for a self-stick film without the problems "self-adhesive" brands can bring. SRX23™ renders unmatched detail for half-tone imaging and ultra high resolution images. SRX23™saves time and money by enabling you to produce a superior product with less hassle.

Download Datasheet (PDF - 251KB)

Download SRX23-Mask User Guide (PDF-File 582KB)

Datasheet - Pressure Pot Sandblaster Junior (PDF-File